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Now that your fiancé has put a “ring on it” it’s time to contemplate ways to create a unique personal celebration of love, commitment, and family unity on your future wedding day.

If, much like Trista and Ryan of the reality television series, The Bachelorette, you desire to create a beautiful bohemian wedding celebration centered around the highly spiritual Unity Sand Ceremony, the good news is that individualized options abound.

What Not to Do

One of the most important personal tasks connected with the Unity Sand Ceremony is personalized color choice. Think this choice out very carefully because you don’t want your guests thinking “Oh, no she didn’t!” when the final layering of ceremonial sand results in unflattering flecks of murky color intermingled with gloomy layers of dreary black sand.

Since the Unity Sand Ceremony’s main focus is the melding of colored sand, effective planning focuses on selecting accessories that highlight the differentiation between the colors in your chosen color palette. Make the right color and accessory choice and your wedding photographs are striking and memorable. Make the wrong choice and what remains are photographs that are truly cringe worthy.

Take an Ancient Ritual and Make It Yours

Free Spirit Personalized Sand Ceremony Vase Set

Free Spirit Personalized Sand Ceremony Vase Set

Adding monogrammed glass vases that are engraved with the bride and groom’s initials is a personal touch that makes your ceremony memorable and photo friendly. A tall, monogrammed center vase situated between the bride and groom’s monogrammed vases creates a powerful visual statement when it is filled with interwoven layers of colored sand – beautifully representing the joining of two kindred souls. In addition, the statement of eternal love is further magnified by a pair of cupid arrows that are etched into the design.

Replicating this ritual using The Free Spirit Personalized Sand Ceremony Vase Set adds a striking new twist to your wedding day’s sand ceremony ritual. When the day is over, the vases remain as a beautiful, lasting memento of a truly bonding and unique wedding ceremony. It’s so very YOU!