Color defines our world. From mornings and breathtaking pastels, to vivid, fiery sunsets, color is truly a miracle, an immortal gift, bright, ferocious, gentle, tender; endlessly intermingled with emotions and encompassing every aspect of our lives.

Here you can choose the shades that define, enrich and accent your life and the most important vows you will ever speak.

When a Unity Sand Ceremony is used in a wedding, it becomes a highlight of the ceremony imprinted on the hearts of guests long after the vows have been exchanged. And on anniversaries you have a palette of your promises on display as a work of art, a centerpiece rich in deeply shared meaning.

Sharon Vaz is the creator of that provides guidance to help seal your Unity Sand Ceremony with the tender moments you’ll want to preserve forever. She is also the author of Sand, Sound, & Soul:  Sealing Your Wedding With A Personalized Unity Sand Ceremony. Sharon has helped thousands of happy couples around the world enjoy the meaning and beauty of the Unity Sand Ceremony.

Every life has crafted its own personal collection of colors. Every marriage merges these shades while building a life together.

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You can complement your sand ceremony with color palette choices blended with sand ceremony wording for the perfect keepsake result. So many of Sharon’s Sand Ceremony Palette Designs have Christian roots, giving glory to God as He continues to guide and strengthen the wedding couple’s relationship.

Add personalized pizazz and unique chromatic selections with Sharon Vaz’s signature Core Values Infused Methodin your Unity Sand Ceremony palette design.

Sharon’s expertise fills the void of material on how to conduct a Unity Sand Ceremony. Her approach offers palette design flexibility while couples combine their core values in creating a true and powerful representation of their union.

As an innovator in the field, Sharon has helped provide clarity on the process and developed a broad variety of personalized options since 2006, to make the Unity Sand Ceremony a truly magical experience.

Widely recognized as the leading authority on unity sand ceremonies, Sharon’s contributions include:

  • Simplifying the decision of colors
  • Providing structure to the planning process
  • Developing sand pouring sequences
  • Creating guidelines for palette design
  • Designing thematic unity sand ceremony vows

Sharon’s vast artistic proficiency and creative direction experience with top international advertising agencies, including Leo Burnett, McCann-Erickson, Grey Advertising and J. Walter Thompson, puts her services in high demand.

She tailors her designs to fit your individuality. She works with you to understand and express your personal tastes, preferences, values, personality and lifestyle.

No matter your story, your circumstance, Sharon Vaz’s Core Values Infusion Method brings you an incomparable way to highlight what makes your ceremony special: demonstrating your relationship through an impressive Unity Sand Ceremony.