Renewing Wedding Vows: Do it the Way You Have Always Dreamed it to Be!

So you are thinking about renewing wedding vows but are not sure about what to do next or even whether it is a good idea? There are a lot of things to consider: why should you renew your vows; the etiquette of renewing wedding vows; who are renewing their vows; and what you can say to renew or reaffirm your vows, are just a few of the questions that are probably flowing through your head.


Wedding Cupcakes – The Perfect Dessert for the Budget-Conscious Bride

Certainly, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is what your budget will be. Are you prepared to spend tens of thousands of dollars for your big event? Or are you trying to keep costs low? If you are among those who would like to have a fun wedding, but not spend a fortune, you may want to reduce costs by opting against a traditional wedding cake and choosing festive wedding cupcakes instead.


Destination Weddings for Those Who Hunger for the Exotic

You’ve got it all pictured in your mind you just don’t know where to go for your destination wedding.You’ve decided you want your destination wedding to be somewhere exotic like the Caribbean with its golden beaches and azure sea and sky, or Hawaii with its fabulous beaches and lush tropical flowers, or Florida with its cosmopolitan cities and world famous theme parks and its beautiful beaches.


Creating Lifelong Memories with Wedding Anniversary Verses

Out of all the events that made your wedding day unforgettable, the recitation of your wedding vows is probably the memory you hold most dear. After all, these were the sacred words you spoke when making the commitment to love honor and cherish “till death us do part.” To keep this cherished memory alive and make new memories in the process, many couples are reciting wedding anniversary verses during their wedding anniversary celebration.


The Romance of A Beach Wedding

How romantic can a beach wedding ceremony be? What better way to say ‘I love you’ than with the sand running between your toes? It’s all true; a beach wedding is beautiful, romantic and picturesque. But beach wedding ceremonies have their problems too.


Seven Ways to Make Your Blended Family A Success

Almost half of American marriages end in divorce and remarriage is common. Therefore it’s not surprising that blended families are becoming common – over 10 million US children live in them. But it is not necessarily easy living in one of these families. Often strong tensions can lead to disruptions. With careful management these challenges can be overcome…


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