“Mountain Sunrise” Sand Ceremony Color Palette Sets a Dramatic Mood for Adventurous Couples

The Mountain Sunrise sand ceremony color palette by Sharon Vaz offers a dramatic display for brides this wedding season. The seven-layer palette is appropriate for six participants, so it is ideal for blended family ceremonies. By involving members of the wedding party in your unity sand ceremony, they feel as if they’re being officially welcomed into the new family you are creating with your wedding.


“Vibrant Vintage Rose” Sand Ceremony Color Palette Creates a Dazzling Wedding Heirloom for the Sophisticated Bride

Brides who love the vintage look will cherish the Vibrant Vintage Rose sand ceremony color palette by Sharon Vaz. I deliberately created this design with darker accents such as berry and purple to help anchor the color palette by providing contrast. I believe that the biggest mistake a bride could make with her sand ceremony planning would be to attempt to create a vintage palette using only pastel colored sand.


“Come On Baby, Light My Fire” Invites You to Take Charge of Your Life and Make it Count for Something More

I’ve become a big fan of Danielle LaPorte’s newly launched book: The Fire Starter Sessions: A Soulful + Practical Guide to Creating Success on Your Own Terms. Danielle’s authentic and provocative writing style was so addictive, that I managed to devour all 7.4 hours of the audio book in less than a day! I laughed, I cried and started to feel self-compassion…


Sand Ceremony Color Palette With a Royal Touch Symbolizes Key Core Values and Personal Evolution

For the modern bride and groom who still have a fascination with the old-fashioned, the Vintage Royal Wedding sand ceremony color palette by Sharon Vaz offers the perfect mix of the trendy and traditional. The pastel shades of lavender and light blue that I used for this sand ceremony palette are ideal for vintage weddings; yet, the purple and tangerine orange accents add a contemporary feel.


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