When you have photographed wedding after wedding, what makes one ceremony stand out, making it more than “just another wedding” giving your creative side a stir?  The photographs that etch in memories or make it to a scrapbook page or framed on a living room wall require more photographic skill than simply posing family members, picking up a camera and aiming.  Every good picture includes a small piece of the photographer who did more than merely press the button to allow light to shine on the moment.

May we take a peek through the lens of your camera?

Photographers experience wedding ceremonies from an interesting angle: behind the camera lens.  This unique perspective on a special day is reserved for your eyes only, but when you capture that “one shot” among thousands of clicks, it only feels complete when this well-executed photographic process is shared to inspire others.

Filtering sand ceremony beauty and inspiration through photography

If the beauty of introducing a sand ceremony to the day is what inspired more picture clicking and you want to share our goal to inspire interesting or unusual approaches and ideas for new wedding couples interested in creating colorful memories with sand ceremonies, we want to share in your enthusiasm and, in the process, expose your talent with a flash.

Expose your talent

We are looking for the best and most unique photographs of sand ceremonies to feature on a site that many brides look to as their “go to place” for advice about unity sand ceremonies.  This high-traffic exposure could create a steady flow of business for even the most well-established wedding photographer if your photo submission is chosen to be spotlighted on the site.

Give us your best shot

Are you ready to be perceived as a trendsetter and to inspire soon-to-be newlyweds with fresh and creative ideas through the lens of a professional photographer?  Send us your interesting, unusual or elegantly executed unity sand ceremony picture today by completion our short submission form below.

Submission Form to Be a Featured Photographer

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