I value my readers and subscribers just as much as they value my words, my personal expertise and my recommendations for them. Because I value and appreciate my readers, I aim to be as open and honest as possible about my policies.

Disclosure is something that I truly believe in because it promotes honesty and integrity. When I make recommendations or review something on my blog, I always attempt to include proper disclosures for my readers.

Because I want to be as clear as I can for my readers, I want to post a fuller version of my disclosure so that my readers can understand how I might be compensated for my opinions and the nature of my relationships with various sites or companies.

The following is my fuller disclosure policy:

I sometimes make recommendations on this blog which include links to helpful resources or shopping sites for which I receive compensation, such as a commission from a sale or other form of financial compensation.

For example, Internet Marketing Angel is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com, endless.com, smallparts.com or myhabit.com.

The recommendations I make on this blog are based firstly on their merit. My recommendations are made because I believe that my readers will benefit from their quality and value and because I trust in the reputation or track record of the author or maker’s level of expertise. Advertisers do not influence the content of my blog.

Some recommendation links are not affiliated with any particular site and I do not receive compensation for them. I will recommend anything to my readers, regardless of whether or not I am receiving some form of compensation.

Testimonials and cases studies quoted on this blog are all collected from the accounts of people who have had personal experiences with products and services and are not the result of direct payment or compensation.

Some of the recommendations and endorsements I make are based upon receiving free review copies. In certain cases, I may be an affiliate of the company. I do not receive any direct financial compensation for making endorsements and recommendations based upon review copies and I only provide honest reviews based upon merit, regardless of my relationship with the company.