“Vibrant Vintage Rose” Sand Ceremony Color Palette Creates a Dazzling Wedding Heirloom for the Sophisticated Bride

Brides who love the vintage look will cherish the Vibrant Vintage Rose sand ceremony color palette by Sharon Vaz. I deliberately created this design with darker accents such as berry and purple to help anchor the color palette by providing contrast. I believe that the biggest mistake a bride could make with her sand ceremony planning would be to attempt to create a vintage palette using only pastel colored sand.

Sand Ceremony Color Palette With a Royal Touch Symbolizes Key Core Values and Personal Evolution

For the modern bride and groom who still have a fascination with the old-fashioned, the Vintage Royal Wedding sand ceremony color palette by Sharon Vaz offers the perfect mix of the trendy and traditional. The pastel shades of lavender and light blue that I used for this sand ceremony palette are ideal for vintage weddings; yet, the purple and tangerine orange accents add a contemporary feel.