“Mountain Sunrise” Sand Ceremony Color Palette Sets a Dramatic Mood for Adventurous Couples

The Mountain Sunrise sand ceremony color palette by Sharon Vaz offers a dramatic display for brides this wedding season. The seven-layer palette is appropriate for six participants, so it is ideal for blended family ceremonies. By involving members of the wedding party in your unity sand ceremony, they feel as if they’re being officially welcomed into the new family you are creating with your wedding.

The “New Earth” Sand Ceremony Color Palette Pays Tribute to the Overcoming Couple. Featuring Stylish Tranquility with a Burst of Drama.

If you’re looking to establish a tranquil mood for your wedding – but you also like the idea of a hint of drama – consider the New Earth sand ceremony color palette by Sharon Vaz. I created this five-layer palette for four participants. It combines apple green, berry, and hot pink.